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Voting Info


***For all elections anyone that would like an absentee ballot vist the following website:

If you don't have access to a computer please call the Clerk Cindy Pritzl at 715-769-3113 and request a absentee application be mailed to you.  Anyone that is able to vote absentee we would encourage everyone to do so to keep with the social distancing order.

Voting starts at 7:00am at the Town hall located at 77504 West Rd Butternut and ends at 8:00pm

Election Results for 2020

Spring Primary - February 18, 2020 Results

77 total voters, Congress District 7 - Democratic: Tricia Zunker - 22, Lawrence Dale - 6; Congress District 7 - Republican: Tom Tiffany - 29, Jason Church - 19; Justic of the Supreme Court: Daniel Kelly - 46, Jill J. Karofsky - 19, Ed Fallon - 3


Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election - April 7, 2020 Results

113 total voters, President - Democratic: Gabbard-1, Kolbuchar-1, Patrick-1, Sanders-7, Warren-1, Bloomberg-1, Biden-40; President-Republican: Trump-56, Uninstructed Delegate-1; Judicial & Superintendent- Kelly-57, Karofsky-53; County Office: Schutte-64, Cannon-25; Butternut School District Office: Weinberger-97, Mertig-72, Scattering-1, Referenda: Yes-81, No-24


2020 Special Election Representative in Congress District 7- May 12, 2020 Results

109 total voters, Representiave in Congress District 7: Zunker-44, Tiffany-65

Partisan Primary - August 11, 2020 Results

60 total voters, Representative in Congress District 7- Democratic: Zunker-26; Representative in Congress District 7- Republican:  Tiffany-28, Scattering-1, Representative Assembly District 74 Democratic: Meyers-26; Representative Assembly District 74 Republican: Bolen-25; District Attorney - Republican: Scattering-1; County Clerk - Democratic: Schutte-27, County Clerk - Republican: Scattering-1; Treasurer-Democratic: Hoglund-25; Treasurer-Republican: Scattering-1; Register of Deeds-Democratic: Gleeson-26, Register of Deeds-Republican: Scattering-1


General Election - November 3, 2020 

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