Chippewa Wisconsin located in southern Ashland County












Garbage & Recycling


The Recycling Center has a special container to collect and recycle corded items, ie. televisions, vacuums, toasters, etc. We also collect and recycle used vehicle filters, ie. oil, air.



Spring Clean Up May 18, 2019 8am - 2pm

$5.00/Pickup Load

$2.00/Car Trunk

$10.00/Trailer over 4'x8"

Any Item with Freon                                   $25.00

Microwaves                                                $16.00

Washers & Dryers, Car Batteries                    N/C

Tires up to 20"                                             $6.00

Tires (20" or larger)                                     $10.00

Semi Tires                                                   $20.00

Anything Larger then Semi Tires needs to go to transfer station

TV's up to 40"                                            $15.00

TV's (40" or larger)                                    $20.00

Flatscreens                                                 $10.00

Computer Monitors                                    $15.00



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